Bell Amethyst

Typical Courses

Effective Presentations

Presentations are uniquely powerful.

While they run, the hubbub of ordinary business communication stops. A group of people need to know something - so they sit, listen, watch and concentrate.

An effective presentation makes full use of its occasion:

  • focusing and organising a mass of data, both objective facts and subjective judgments,
  • delivering its argument coherently to its audience,
  • enabling them to react confidently, to make intelligent, informed decisions and to take necessary action.

People who can shape presentations effectively and deliver them confidently have an edge over people who can't.

Bell Amethyst presentation skills courses are for men and women who give presentations professionally to decision-makers, colleagues, clients, potential clients, suppliers and others.

Typical course objectives

To convince participants (if need be) that they can and must be excellent professional presenters

To give them the essential techniques of shaping and delivering presentations that

  • work for their audiences
  • work for the speaker(s) and
  • get results

To help them understand the dynamics of audiences and to show them how to use that understanding to

  • gain rapport
  • focus people's attention and
  • put messages across powerfully

To show them where nervousness stems from, how to overcome it and how to achieve and use the confident authority that audiences expect from them

To show them how to use visual and technical aids so as to strengthen a presentation rather than weaken or swamp it

To give them an opportunity to road-test the techniques recommended and check that they work


Confident presenters, sharper professional presentations, more effective decision-making.

People who have been on a course know

  • where to focus their preparation
  • how to structure their material
  • how to modify it to meet the needs of different audiences
  • how to handle the visual and technical aids
  • how to deliver presentations confidently, powerfully and on target
  • and how to make sure that they get results

Course duration

Usually two full working days

Typical group size

Small groups of six to eight people with a single course leader


Courses usually run on or near the client organisation's premises.