Bell Amethyst

Typical Courses

Graduates' Communication

Getting things right from the start of people's careers

For many organisations, graduate recruits are essential but expensive investments.   Their payback lies in the future, in their identified potential.

Many firms build Communication Skills courses into their graduate induction programmes.   Objectives include:

  • Laying down good practice as graduates begin their careers
  • Accelerating their development
  • Increasing their understanding of business priorities, their confidence and their ability to contribute quickly to achieving business goals
  • Helping them to succeed with the cultural leap from the academic world to a       business world with radically different concerns

Typical course objectives

Graduate programmes vary greatly from client to client in content, duration and format.   Typically, course elements include:

  • Presentations - organising them, shaping them, delivering them, making them work for both audience and speaker, ensuring they get results
  • Email, letters, memos, reports - communicating information effectively in writing         
  • Meetings - setting them up, chairing them, participating in them, taking minutes, ensuring that meetings are productive
  • Communicating effectively, professionally, appropriately, usefully and profitably

Examples of some current programmes:

The Client:   A major UK-based international group with a world-wide graduate recruitment and induction programme running twice a year. 

Participants / Group Size:   Each cadre has a dozen or so graduates joining the programme from all over the world.

Schedule:   For three days of the first week of their careers the newly-recruited graduates are on an intensive Communication Skills course.   Some months later, a refresher day is linked with their reports back from their first placements (which may have taken them anywhere in the world).

The Client:   UK-based.

Participants / Group Size:   Annually a group of eight to twelve, some of them recruited very recently, others identified as likely high-fliers two or three years into their careers.

Schedule:   A 4-day residential course.      Participants then have twelve months to complete a project alongside their normal work.   There is a follow-up day before they present their project recommendations to the client's main Board.

The Client:   The UK subsidiary of an international group.

Participants / Group Size:   Up to 24 graduates annually in two training groups.   Mainly UK-based people come on the Bell Amethyst Communication Skills course but others fly in to join it every year.

Schedule:   A 4-day non-residential course.