Bell Amethyst

Typical Courses

Professionalism in English

Communication skills training programmes for people in international business who

  • need to use English
  • but do not have it as their mother tongue

Good business demands good communication.   Facts, figures, opinions and knowledge must flow freely between the people who have them and other people who need to know them.   Business goes badly if communication is poor.

In international business, there is a particular problem.   English is the prime language of world business and technology but most of its users do not have it as their mother tongue. 

They need to be able to handle English confidently, flexibly and quickly in meetings, interviews, negotiations, presentations, telephone calls - and when they write.  If they are inhibited or inaccurate, their professionalism is constrained.

Bell Amethyst training programmes resolve these problems.

Typical course objectives

The barrier

The learning curve of English rises steeply from zero.   Most people can easily reach a level that is "good enough".

But then the curve flattens and they get stuck.   Busy professional people haven't the time to inch up to the level they really need.  Results: 

  • frustration
  • underperformance
  • wasted time
  • misunderstanding
  • missed opportunities
  • and costs - incalculable but heavy

The solution

Training in business communication skills combined with English language workshops. 
Intensive courses which -

  • sharpen participants' business and technical communication abilities - using       language and non-language skills and techniques
  • and at the same time remove barriers and inhibitions in their use of  English

Example Course Programmes

  • Presentation skills in English
  • Meetings and Chairmanship in English
  • The skills of interviewing and negotiating in English

Course duration

Courses are typically three to six days long, often residential, with groups of six to ten participants. But many programmes are far from "typical". Different clients and different training groups have widely varying needs.


Courses usually run on or near the client's premises.

About half of Bell Amethyst's work is on business and technical communication skills for clients within the UK.

For clients outside the UK, recent programmes have run in Denmark, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Qatar, Spain and Sweden.